Building access control Knowing who is in your facility is fundamentally, critically, important?

The only way to reliably control the flow of visitors and personnel within your business is within an electronic access control system.

From magnetic stripe access control to smartcard access control systems !

Our primary access control partner AMAG Technology, has pioneered the access control industry with more than 30 years of innovation and invention.  From the humble beginnings of magnetic stripe readers in the 1970’s to today’s most advanced smart card access systems, biometrics, and more AMAG has been there.  Together, we can offer businesses, both large and small, the access control systems you need to protect your inventory and staff.

Access Control Technology

Our access control systems are technologically sophisticated, but still simple to operate and update.  We’re able to handle many points of exit and entry and varying levels of access for hundreds of personnel, allowing you to prevent any unauthorized access to your building or into sensitive areas of your facility.

Consumer Security Services – for large or small

Some vendors pursue ’home run’ opportunities – but we are just as excited about a single door as we are two dozen!!

Our Access Control Technicians are all highly trained

Access control requires highly trained, network savvy professionals.  CSS technicians are professionally trained and certified, and complete continuing education annually. This means that our systems are problem free and you have peace of mind knowing that you are protected

We also have solutions specific to smaller applications – watch the following video: