The number of people investing in fire alarm systems in Atlanta has increased over the past few years. Business owners as well as home owners realize that no commercial or residential security system is complete without fire protection. Even if you have a comprehensive insurance plan for your company or personal residence – some things are irreplaceable.  Make sure you are protecting your assets with a professionally installed, code compliant, and reliable fire alarm system!

Buying commercial fire alarm systems in Atlanta

Whether you own a restaurant, corporate business, factory or warehouse – there are fire alarm systems available to suit your needs. Some of the systems that can be designed include simple monitored smoke detectors, fire detectors or full scale voice evacuation and sprinkler systems supervision. These systems can be hard wired to your electrical system and linked to a central monitoring system that automatically responds and notifies the authorities if the threat of fire is detected.

Installing a commercial fire alarm system could take weeks (everything from the design to the installation requires careful planning and preparation). In order to ensure that your business isn’t disrupted, hire fire alarm systems specialists in Atlanta – Consumer Security Services (CSS).  Our design consultants will work with you one-on-one to design a commercial fire alarm system for your business.

Residential fire alarm systems in Atlanta

Protecting your family and personal possessions from fire is an important part of any home security system. CSS has been helping homeowners in Atlanta with residential fire alarm systems for over 25 years. When you contact us for a fire alarm system, one of our trained security professionals will come and visit your home and work with you to design a residential fire alarm system.

The best type of residential fire alarm system is one that can conveniently by monitored by a centrally monitored system. Our systems allow you to enjoy the convenience of remote programming and system diagnosis by our technical experts.

CSS installs wired and wireless systems in new and existing homes. Many people want to know how to check faulty hard wired home fire alarms. Instead of risking the threat of a fire in your home, it is best to contact NICET certified technicians in Atlanta to come and inspect, maintain or repair your residential fire alarm system . These systems need to be tested regularly (dirt, grime, worn-out batteries and natural wear and tear can lead to your residential alarm system malfunctioning). Periodic, planned testing of the system will ensure that your assets are always protected.

CSS brings years of experience with a complete line of Life Safety Systems including fire, smoke, and heat detection as well as sprinkler fire alarm and sprinkler fire supervisory monitoring services.

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