Burglaries, theft and forced entry into your home or business can be a devastating experience. Installing security cameras in and around your home or office will not only deter criminals from targeting your property, but also ensure that you have portable video history so that the criminals may be identified and prosecuted.

Residential security cameras in Georgia

If you own a home or business in Georgia, you are well aware of the crime in the area. Crime is a reality – but instead of living in fear, you can take the necessary precautions by investing in a home security camera system. A home security camera system can ensure that your family and belongings are safe (and potentially save lives).

One of the prerequisites for an effective residential security camera system is that it needs to be easy to understand and simple to use. Consumer Security Services (CSS) insists that clients enjoy and experience the simplicity of easy to manage systems.

Security cameras for businesses

Security cameras are vital for any business owner. You will be able to monitor clients that come into your business as well as employees in your company. Not only do security cameras deter customers from shoplifting, but you may also be able to eliminate losses from inside job thefts.

CSS offers a wide variety of security cameras and business security systems. These security solutions are the most effective and simple to use systems available in the market. What makes today’s  CCTV systems ideal is they are simple to install, easy to program, and maintenance is minimal – allowing us to easily customize a system for your home or business.

CSS offers a number of products/services, such as Total Connect, that may integrate your security system with security cameras as well as your personal PDA. Total Connect allows you to see your home/business cameras on most smart phones (and of course any PC on the internet) and you may receive email notifications, for example when the system is arm/disarmed children arrive home or video clips when an actual alarm activation occurs.

Wireless video security is also gaining popularity in Georgia. The benefits of wireless video systems is that they are much more efficient to install reducing labor associated with running wire.   Lynx, with GSM cellular built-in, is an example of a completely wireless security system for a home or business, that can integrate with Total Connect. This system eliminates the need for traditional telephone lines using GSM cellular technology for signal transmission and is extremely efficient to install.

All of our products are certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL-Listed) – an independent, non-profit product and equipment safety testing laboratory recognized and approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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