Home Security Systems

Protecting your family … and your budget!

Consumer Security Services, Inc. has been helping homeowners in the greater metro Atlanta area for more than 25 years. One of our trained security professionals will visit your home to work with you to design a security and / or fire alarm system that meets both your needs and your budget.

All of our products are certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL-Listed) – an independent, non-profit product and equipment safety testing laboratory recognized and approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Our residential customers enjoy the safety offered by a centrally monitored system, and the convenience of remote programming and system diagnosis by our technical assistance experts.

In addition to safety and security, CSS installs structured wiring in new and existing homes and businesses. Structured wiring provides seamless, integrated control of security, cable and satellite TV, audio and video, internet access, telephone, low voltage lighting, and central vacuum systems. This integrated system allows simple plug-and-go technology in any room of your home or business for any device programmed into the system!

home alarm systemEasy Use of Security Keypads

Consumer Security Services offers a broad range of keypads for ease of use and instant information.   Most keypads provide programmable buttons that may encompass panic, fire, medical buttons – with some keypads you can even integrate with devices such as X-10 to turn lights on/off or activate your garage door opener similarly to keyfobs.

Fire Security Systems

If your home or business is burglarized or vandalized your insurance carrier may be facing small or medium sized financial exposure.

However, if your home or business is affected by Fire an exposure of thousands or millions could be on the table.

Consumer Security Services brings decades of experience with a complete line of Life Safety Systems including Fire, Smoke, and Heat detection as well as Sprinkler Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Fire Supervisory Monitoring services.

Security Alarm systems

Crime is a reality in our world.

Professional, reliable, deterrence, detection, and response are what you need for your home and business – that’s what Consumer Security Services alarm systems are all about.

We bring the best price, product, and performance complement, available in the Atlanta market.  Our decades of experience coupled with the ever expanding technology available today, help simplify and expedite your decision process – call us today – we respond quickly!

Integrated security systems

symphony technologyIf you are into Hi-Tech, products like Symphony are right down your alley.

Coupled with easy to use, crisp, clear, Graphic Interface, you may now integrate your security system(s) with CCTV Cameras as well as your personal PDA.

Imagine being able to see your home on your personal phone or to receive an email advising your teenager just arrived home safely from school or work. 

Technology in your hand – it’s happening now!

Call for a free demonstration of Symphony or Total Connect – today!

home alarm systemCutting edge technology wireless systems

Wireless systems are growing in popularity as they are integrated and packaged into a comprehensive, easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain (practically portable)

Installation and maintenance are very efficient and today you may even purchase a wireless system, such as Lynx, with GSM cellular built-in, eliminating the need for traditional phone service/lines – copper phone lines are going away – call today for more information and a free quote on today’s cutting edge technology from CSS.


prevent invasionWhy Home Invasions are different from Burglaries

Home invasions are different from a “burglary.”

Statistics reveal that most burglaries happen between 10 AM and 2PM – home invasions have no schedule.  The reality of the growth of home invasions can be seen easily on your local evening news reports.

We can help you design a security measures that will help prevent “easy access to your home” in addition to traditional electronic solutions – we provide this added value to all our presentation – design at no additional cost.

Most traditional door and window hardware are designed to prevent simple compromise.

There are many little known simple measures that you can do yourself that can greatly enhance the physical security of your home – we can help – call today

Key fobs

Keyfobs are very popular as they allow you to remotely engage your security panel via arm/disarm function.  They also provide for example a panic button to request silent or audible help as well as the ability to integrate with an electrical device such as opening and closing your garage door opener.

Any relay activated, powered or non powered device, may be controlled from a simple wireless integration.

pets setting off alarmTired of your pet setting off alarms?

We even make security pleasant for your pets!

Today we offer a complete line of Pet Immune motion sensors that provide valuable interior back-up protection to your perimeter security.

Your pets may roam freely without you worrying about a nuisance or false alarm problem.

We are serious about contributing to the education and implementation of training and physical measures to reduce and minimize false alarms – pet immune motion sensors are one of the great tools in this endeavor – call today!

alarm keypadGet the best security products

At Consumer Security Services we insist our systems are easy to understand and simple to operate – even your children will enjoy and experience the simplicity.

Not only will they arm and disarm with ease, we can even send an email notification(video if you really want a high tech solution) to your desk top, lap top, and of course your PDA – through optional solutions like Total Connect – call today to learn how technology and simplicity are simplifying security and Life Safety systems.


Executive Protection

Security SafesEven the simplest things that you hold dear are worthy of protection. You don’t have to own diamonds to need a safe or safe room for your protection.

Our extensive experience in Executive Protection will bring confidence and assurance that your family and assets have the very best resources employed. There is no price tag for peace of mind – but therein comes infinite value!


Central Monitoring Station

The Central Station is local, Metro Atlanta Based, and has been operating over 30 years.  Underwriter Laboratory certification brings assurance, peace of mind, and a promise of excellence, professionalism, reliability, code compliance, back up systems, and many other attributes to ensure your safety and security – 24/7/365!!

Central Monitoring Station

U.L. inspects annually and demands the highest standards of construction, manning as well as system redundancy to ensure you and your assets are ALWAYS COVERED