In the residential and small business sector people are often led to expect that the system is FREE – but beware!

Honeywell First Alert securityThere is no such thing as FREE……

“Free Installation” usually means you will be amortizing the installation costs into your monthly monitoring fee, i.e. monitoring will cost you more!

“Free equipment” also usually means the cost will be bundled into your monthly fee

“No Contract” is not usually offered with amortized systems – most companies require a 36 month contract and some even longer.

However,  Consumer Security Services can work with any budget and any term that works for you!

For the best value in the marketplace call us now!  

Featuring Honeywell Security and Fire Alarm Systems:

Alarm installerHoneywell:
CSS is an experienced contractor in Honeywell Security and Fire Alarm Systems – the most effective and simple to use systems available.  From Basic 6 Zone Systems to the Vista 250, Addressable Fire, Security, or Hybrid Combo Commercial Fire and Security capability.

Design your own system:
Our systems are cutting edge, allowing you to design a system that works exactly how and when – and no matter where you are.
State of the art, one touch keypads, key-fobs, smart phone integration, remote control, HVAC Control, lock control and more .